St Patrick's Day Parade Grand Marshal

2018 Grand Marshal Greg Burris

Greg Burris is the City Manager for Springfield and has the privilege to lead the most functionally diverse organization in southwest Missouri. In that capacity, he has direct responsibility for 2,300 employees, a $350-million
annual budget, and over $1.3 billion in assets.

Greg married up, was born on Halloween, is a recovering computer programmer, once hosted an intervention for Ted Danson in a Washington D.C. elevator, formerly worked as a custodian, was a professional musician with limited talent for 12 years, has a passion for great customer service, once made a half-court shot 24 seconds before halftime in the State high school basketball championship game, pole valulted for a school that had neither a pole nor a pit, doesn’t trust electric can openers, and enjoys French Silk Chocolate Pie (typically, alone in a dark corner).

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